About Blue Fire Reiki

Excerpt from Blue Fire Reiki : The Complete Handbook by Carrie Hammond

Blue Fire Reiki originated with Carrie Norwood in 2006. During her level 3 attunement to Ryoho Reiki, one of the gods that she works closely with attended the attunement and put in an element of his energy. Every person she attuned from that point forward witnessed the same imagery, even when she followed only the Usui Reiki attunement patterns. As she taught others, she integrated the things that were natural for her to integrate into her own practice into her training and the result is what you are learning.

The main differences between Blue Fire Reiki and Usui Reiki are :

  • the feel of the energy – although Blue Fire Reiki energy is Universal energy just like any other form of Reiki, the energy of Blue Fire Reiki is a more ecstatic, blue ‘feeling’ energy. It is tinged with the blue fire energy that is the creative force of the universe.   
  • Blue is hot fire of alchemy. The newly attuned is likely to feel ‘amped up’ a bit and suddenly motivated to create or do something meaningful. 
  • the philosophy of ‘doing what works’ is stressed 
  • a hands off approach is taught with the understanding that hands-on is just as if not more so effective 
  • motions, breathing and vibrating syllables (Blue Fire Flow) are used (taught in level 2) 
  • a Blue Fire Reiki specific symbol that is usually intuited during the attunements and is taught as part of level 2 
  • There is a strong emphasis on logic and reiki as a natural process rather than a supernatural process 

Blue Fire Reiki uses the following logo :

Which is comprised of a blue flame with the characters for Reiki, surrounded by a circle symbolizing the meshing of those elements. This logo should be present on your certificate and the certificate of your attuner.

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