Blue Fire Reiki Manuals

There is no ‘official’ Blue Fire Reiki manual.  Each teacher who teaches Blue Fire Reiki likely has their own manual.  Because Blue Fire Reiki encourages the practitioner to do what works for them, it’s possible that there are as many variations of Blue Fire Reiki manuals as there are Blue Fire Reiki Masters.

The manuals offered here are the manuals I wrote and that I teach from.  They are 109 8.5 x 11 pages of Blue Fire Reiki goodness that represent years of research, teaching and work.

They are updated each time I teach a new group of students, based upon the questions they ask of the information that was important to them.  Once you pay any amount for the electronic manual once, you can have all future revisions for free, upon request (email me at morgantzaddi at gmail dot com) .

I’d like them to be accessible to everyone so if you can’t afford anything, have it free (email me at morgantzaddi at gmail dot com)! I hope that you’ll pay it forward by doing goodness with what you learn for yourself or others.

If you have used my manuals to teach your students, or if you have received a copy of my manual from somewhere other than me, you can use these buttons to pay for those as well.

I will email your manual to the email address you use to pay. I scan the manual and make updates as necessary each time I send it out so you’ll get the latest and greatest. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive it.

Blue Fire Reiki I Manual

No attunement required! This is a 50 page PDF of all meat, no fluff, that includes everything you need to know to begin your work with Reiki.  Although this manual is written from a Blue Fire Reiki perspective, many of the concepts are standard across all forms of reiki – and even energy healing. The last revision was made March 2021.

  • Reiki 1 basics : what it can do, where it came from, different forms, and reiki levels
  • Energy and energetic anatomy : What energy is (and isn’t), how to feel and express energy, energetic anatomy, and how reiki works
  • Starting with reiki : what an attunement is, steps to using reiki, how to let reiki flow
  • Moving on with Reiki : physical anatomy and using them in energetic work, hand positions
  • Reiki Practices : what a session is like, various reiki practices and how to do them
  • Reiki lineage : photos and information on people in the Blue Fire Reiki lineage, why lineage matters and what it is
  • Appendices : electrical testing of meridians, chakras and sources

Blue Fire Reiki II Manual

The level 2 manual is only available to Blue Fire Reiki practitioners who have been attuned to level 2. The last revision was made March 2021.  

This is an 25 page pdf that covers everything one would need to know to offer reiki treatment to others.  While not as heavy on written theory as the level one manual, this portion of the material covers the core symbols and practices that are reiki’s signature as well as ethics of practice, which is one of the differentiating points of Blue Fire Reiki and which, during class, can amount to an entire class of discussion alone.  

  • Section 1 ‐ The Symbols
  • Section 2 – Blue Fire Reiki Practices
  • Section 3 – Long Distance Reiki
  • Section 4 – Conduct and Ethics of Practice
  • Appendix B ‐ Resources
  • Appendix C ‐ Sample Code of Conduct

After purchase, I will contact you for your attuner’s info. Please allow time for me to verify your attunement. If you pay for this manual and I cannot confirm your attunement to level 2, your payment will be refunded. 

Blue Fire Reiki III Manual

The level 3 manual is only available to Blue Fire Reiki practitioners who have been attuned to level 3.  The last revision was made March 2021.

This is a 36 page PDF that covers the intricacies of being a Master, being a teacher and conducting a business that involves Reiki as well as the full attunement processes for each level and a full bibliography of scientific studies.

  • Section 1 ‐ Reiki III Core Material : techniques, attunements and symbols
  • Section 2 – Being a Master Teacher or Healer
  • Section 3 ‐ Taking Students
  • Section 3 ‐ Reiki in Business
  • Appendix A – Sources and Resources

Please allow time to verify your attunement in order to receive your manual by email. If you pay for this manual and I cannot confirm your attunement to level 3, your payment will be refunded.