Reiki Books

These books are trustworthy, definitive sources. Both were published some time ago. They lack the shine of some of the more recent new agey books on the subject but are must-reads for anyone serious about Reiki.

As indicated in the title, this book is a translation of Dr Usui’s own material and is meant to take the reader back to the roots of Reiki. Thought it be small, it is dense with information.

It is a translation of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Hikkei, written by Dr. Usui. It includes the original Japanese script as well as translations and images of each practice.

Although in Blue Fire Reiki, we focus less on hand positions, and this book includes more hand positions, it’s clear that the hand positions are more about the part of the body that is being worked and less about the hand positions themselves.

The author is careful not to poo-poo western tech, but I found this to be a refreshing more primary resource than many of the books out there.

Diane Stein is responsible for a movement that made Reiki freely accessible by so many.

Traditional Reiki training used to (and still does, in some lines) cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Diane Stein believed that something this effective should be made more freely available and that by doing so, nothing but good could come of it.

This book includes the basics that one needs in order to practice Reiki.

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