Lineage and Masters

Reiki is a healing tradition passed from master to student.  Please verify the lineage of the Reiki practitioner you work with, whether a Blue Fire Reiki practitioner or otherwise.

The Blue Fire Reiki lineage always begins with :

Dr. Mikao Usui
Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Phyllis Lei Furumoto
Claudia Hoffman
Mary Shaw
Christine Henderson
Bruce Way
Neal Lyster
John Pickering
Martin Leigh
Rev. Melanie Damman
Carrie Norwood

Although, in Blue Fire Reiki, we do not determine when our students are ready to become masters, we do give them three levels of training that are required before mastery.  The following individuals are known Blue Fire Reiki III certified:

Emmy Martinez
Sally Grant
Shelley Griswold
Anne Magana
Storm FaeryWolf
Karen Miller
Valera Childers
Lora Keller
Christy Melton
Hilary Kay
Leslie Wood
Anthony Andras
Jen Vargas
Janice Melroy
Kathy Joy Hansen
Orion Foxwood
Sanna Veteläinen
Tanisha Campbell
If you have been attuned to Blue Fire Reiki III and are not on this list or are on this list and want to be removed, please contact me.
Teachers, if you wold like your Blue Fire Reiki III graduates to be listed here, please send me their name.

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