is back!

At long last, Blue Fire Reiki has a home again.

Here is a brief timeline :
2006 – Blue Fire Reiki was born – Hooray!
2007 – happily teaching along
2008 – happily teaching along until September when teaching was abruptly interrupted by a personal crisis
2009 – my teaching and website management is limping along and eventually comes to a complete halt
2010 – dum dee dum
2011 – ho hum
2012 – taught one group of folks
2013 – here we are!

Blue Fire Reiki is a little bit like my baby.  I birthed it, raised it and sent it out into the world. During the dum dee dum and ho hum years, it wasn’t forgotten.  It just wasn’t a priority like reshuffling my life was.  Finally, I’ve made it though the most pressing stuff and can turn my attention back to nurturing Blue Fire Reiki, as an entity.

I’d like to see this site, once again, become the information hub for Blue Fire Reiki as well as a centralized location for Blue Fire Reiki.  Although I don’t actively teach it at this time, I’d like to highlight those Blue Fire Reiki Masters who do teach and to make information and materials available both to practitioners and to the general public.  I’d also like to see the Blue Fire Reiki community grow and thrive in a spirit of cooperation and supporting the healer.

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