Being Reiki

I’ve found myself, over the last few weeks, thinking a lot about ‘being reiki’.  Using Reiki as an adjective to describe a state of being.

In the course of practicing Reiki, what I know is :

  • Being blocked causes dis-ease and illness.
  • Once one is unblocked, Reiki flows naturally.

All of the tools that we use in Reiki – reciting (and in blue fire reiki, performing) the gokai, Gassho Mieso, Jyoshin Kokyu‐ho, and in Blue Fire Reiki, shaking out, blue fire breathing and blue fire flow – all create an end result of being loose and unblocked, which releases dis-ease and illness and allows Reiki to flow freely.

If you use all of those tools (and you should, at least before doing reiki), you come to a state of being that is very mellow and calm and peaceful and … zen, if that’s not to cliche to use in relation to Reiki.  But if you use these tools all the time, it creates a way of being that is very loose and unblocked – all the time. I’ve taken to invoking this state of being at work, where stress can run high or in the car to and from when thoughts tend to wander towards have-tos.
The way I’ve come to describe this state of being is ‘being reiki’.  Things happen around me, sometimes involving me, and they happen, I observe them or participate in them and then they are gone.  It’s a state of being in the moment, experiencing each moment with eyes open.  

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